Plural Component

For some painting jobs, conventional spray equipment is not appropriate. In these cases, a more sophisticated solution may be your answer, and that answer is plural component coatings and paints.

The unique chemistry in the 100% solids epoxy, polyurea, & polyurethane blends commonly used in Plural Component Coatings allows for these properties that allow them to succeed where other paints would fail. Our skilled employees have the experience to use the specialized tools needed to apply these Plural Component paints correctly for optimal performance, and fast refill times will make sure that your project keeps moving. This application procedure is pivotal to the technology, and Jeffco Painting & Coating, Inc. can guarantee that our workers will apply the material safely and according to the specifications.

Plural component painting has properties that may be beneficial to your painting needs. These include:

        • Fast curing times/Fast return to service
        • Solvent/VOC free
        • Flexibility
        • Shock resistance
        • Severe corrosion protection
        • Waterproofing
        • Chemical, Environment and Atmospheric Resistance
        • UV tolerant

Ideal markets for these technologies include Public Utilities and Potable Water, Water and Sewage Treatment, Petrochemical Storage & Refineries, Manufacturing Facilities, and Chemical Facilities. Our workers extensive safety training and management will make sure that your projects are done as quickly and safely as is possible, as evidenced by our award winning safety policies. Alpine works on plural component coating projects with many different manufacturers willing to provide extended warranties on our coatings.